WSKG: Twilight Zone Live

On Saturday night, October 3, 2009, the PBS affilliate WSKG staged live performances of two beloved Twilight Zone episodes. "Mirror Image" and "Walking Distance" were both penned by Rod Serling and have an apparent connection to Binghamton and his childhood.

Producer Brian Frey and director Bill Gorman, in partnership with a dedicated cast and crew, delivered a memorable show to a live studio audience and to viewers in their living rooms.

The episodes followed Serling's original scripts where possible and adapted to the live studio setting where necessary. The production did a masterful job of staying true to the spirit of the originals.

Screen Grabs from the Production

Robert J. DeLuca plated The Writer
The Writer (Robert J. De Luca) dictates his stories

Millicent argues with the bus station clerk
Mirror Image: Millicent Barnes (Heidi Weeks Crocker) argues with the ticket agent (Richard Mancuso)

Martin Sloane confront his parents: "Don't you know me?"
Walking Distance
: Martin Sloane (Jim Hull) confronts his parents (Mitch Tiffany & Ava Crump)


Childhood friend Robert Keller talks about Rod in a 2004 interview
Childhood friend Bob Keller talks about being a kid with Rod

Challenge Enrichment Coodinator Lisa Reiger describes the Fifth Dimension Class program
that uses Twilight Zone episodes to teach social issues in area schools

Grinstead (Sandy Monachino) tries to comfort Millicent
Mirror Image: Grinstead (Sandy Monachino) tries to comfort Millicent

Martin watches his injured younger self (Alex Kosick) carried away
Walking Distance: Martin watches his injured younger self (Alex Kosick) carried away

WSKG end credits

                           Martin meets his parents

                                                          Grinstead comforts Millicent

                                                                                           Where are you? Who are you?

                                                                                                                             Father and son