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Rod Serling
the soldier

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Twenty years after the fact (and to perhaps to defy turning 40), Rod takes a familiar plunge while "on maneuvers" for CBS-TV, in April 1964. Source: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin.

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Another photo from the 1964 press junket.
Source: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin.

Sam Serling and son Rod, prior to Rod's departure for the Pacific in World War II. 1944. Possibly the last time Rod saw his father? Source: Carol Serling

Rod, front row, with members of his unit in the Pacific after V-J Day,  9/12/45.
Source: Carol Serling.

Rod in Japan at war's end.  Caption on back read "Extra!!  Serling captured by Kempitai (Japanese Police) Character at right wants a reward."  11/21/46
Source: Carol Serling

Screen Grabs from PBS American Masters "Submitted for Your Approval"

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