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Keynote Speaker George Clayton Johnson

This collection of photos is incomplete, unfinished and in no particular order

Alan Sues
The Masks

Anne Francis
The After Hours &

Arlene's websitr
Arlene Martel
What You Need & Twenty-Two

Joanne Linville
The Passers-By

Amzie Strickland
The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Barry Morse
A Piano in the House

Ben Cooper
Still Valley

Beverly Garland
The Four of Us Are Dying

Earl Hamner
The Hunt and more

Frank Aletter
The Parallel

Eugene Roche
stood in for Garry Walberg

James Best
Jess-Belle and more

Jason Wingreen
The Midnight Sun

Marsha Hunt
Spur Of The Moment

Jean Carson
A Most Unusual Camera

Howard Morris
I Dream Of Genie

Mickey Rooney
The Last Night of a Jockey
Michael's website
Michael Forest
Black Leather Jackets

Paul Comi
The Odyssey of Flight 33 & more

Martin Milner
Mirror Image

Robert Sorrels
The Mighty Casey

Peter Mark Richman
The Fear

Russell Johnson
Back There

Ruta Lee
A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain

Read Morgan
What You Need

William Schallert
Mr. Bevis

Tom Lowell
The Changing Of The Guard

Jacqueline Scott
The Parallel

Barbara Stuart
A Thing About Machines

Joseph Ruskin
The Man in the Bottle

Mary Badham
The Bewitchin' Pool

Jan Handzlik
The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Michael Vandever
The Purple Testament

Warren Stevens
Dead Man's Shoes

Shelly Berman | H. M. Wynant
The Mind and the Matter | The Howling Man

Mark Scott Zicree
The Twilight Zone Companion

Dennis Etchison
new Twilight Zone radio shows

John Tomerlin
Number 12 Looks Just Like You

Cliff Robertson
The Dummy & 100 Yards Over the Rim

Julie Newmar
Of Late I think of Cliffordville

Jonathan Harris
The Silence

House Peters Jr.
Mr. Bevis

Morgan Brittany
Nightmare As a Child & more

Asa Maynor
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Actor's Panel participants James Best, Anne Francis, Cliff Robertson.

Writers George Clayton Johnson and Herbert Simmons have known each other since 1958.

Shelley "never leave a live mike in front of me" Berman
had everyone in stitches with his on-the-spot standup routine.

Beverly Garland and George Clayton Johnson

Stars after the Keynote dinner

Earl Hamner and Tony Albarella are collaborating
on a book of Hamner's Twilight Zone screenplays

Rod Serling enthuses to Beverly Garland and Ross Martin
during filming of George Clayton Johnson's "The Four of Us are Dying"
-- one scene from a survey of Beverly Garland's film and TV work that played on the
"house channel" at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, host to the convention.

Morgan Brittany strikes a glamorous pose

Julie Newmar was swamped with fans seeking her autograph