The Twilight Zone Art of Ed Montalvo

Edward E. Montalvo is an artist based out of the Chicago Area. His specialty is making portraits using a soldering iron style wood burning tool, although he also uses oil and acrylic paints in his art. As a big fan of The Twilight Zone, a number of his pieces are Twilight Zone-related. In some cases, he has even gotten stars to sign the pieces. He also has over 300 autographs from Twilight Zone stars in his collection, many props from the show, and a number of other items related to the show including signed original scripts and some personal effects of the stars.

He welcomes commissioned pieces, and his client list includes stars such as Jerry Springer, Elvis Costello, Howie Long, Al Franken, and Paul Anka to name a few.

Ed has been an artist since 1999. Besides his art, Ed holds a position as Sr. Business Systems Analyst with Abbott Laboratories. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue, and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo Art by Ed Montalvo

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Ed writes about himself:

I was born in 1967, so The Twilight Zone was only in re-runs by the time I watched it. My first exposure was 1974-1975. At the time, my grandmother was dying of cancer, and she was living with my aunt about five miles from my parent’s house. My mother, my brother and I would visit grandmother several times a week. My uncle would turn on the TV to occupy us while my mom and my aunt cared for their mother, and one of the shows we watched was The Twilight Zone.
I distinctly recall watching “After Hours” and being freaked out. My father had a part time job at J.C. Penny, working in the warehouse at night. Sometimes when we picked him up from work, we had to wait in the dark store until he came out. I was scared of the mannequins thinking that they were alive like I’d seen in The Twilight Zone.
Throughout my youth, I watched The Twilight Zone and became a big fan. I’ve had some of my own Twilight Zone-type experiences, so I can really relate to it. I experienced something similar to the coin landing on its edge in “A Penny For Your Thoughts”. While working for Wrigley Gum in 1986, a coworker and I saw a stick of gum land—and stay!—on its short edge, on a moving conveyor. My whole life, I've encountered the strange and unusual, so of course I was attracted to The Twilight Zone.

In another Twilight Zone moment, I was on a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia, and my co-worker (Bob Filipowski) noticed a bolt sticking up at least 8”-10” above the wing near the closest engine. Bob pointed it out to me, and the rest of the flight, I felt like William Shatner in "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" -- worried that the engine was going to fall off. We agreed to tell the crew about it when we landed, but when we did, the rough landing caused that bolt to fall back into place. We told the Flight Attendant what we’d seen and she assured us that she’d have someone look into it.
I also have witnessed a difference in certain objects that’s similar to "The Purple Testament". In that episode, William Reynolds as Lt. Fitzgerald watches the faces of those who are about to die glow with light. Sometimes, when I look at an object, it seems brighter and I get the sense that there is something special about it. One time I was in a thrift store and I looked at a collection of hundreds of books. One of them looked brighter to me than the others. When I looked inside, it contained a double signed Gerald Ford and Lee Iacoca certificate. I bought the book for $1.

Twilight Zone experiences are not limited to me. Once when walking through a used book sale at the mall, my college roommate saw a bookshelf of Boy Scout Handbooks and he said “I used to have one of these.” He reached out, grabbed one of the books, and opened it up to find his name, “Anthony Price” written in it. He’d found his own book again. So again, a person like me who has these experiences is naturally attracted to the Twilight Zone.
As a fan I have a significant number of TZ-related items. A prized possession is an original Twilight Zone script of “And When the Sky Was Opened” when it was still titled “Disappearing Act.”  It was signed by Gloria Pall in a couple of places. Mark Zicree told me that it was his opinion that it is a genuine original script. I have a couple of other scripts that I think are originals as well. Besides that, I have autographs from 364 Original Twilight Zone Stars in my collection including a Rod Serling cancelled check.