Nightmaree at 20000 Feet by Ed Montalvo


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I did William Shatner because he was appearing at the 2012 Chicago Comic Convention, the first convention I ever attended. I decided to do a piece where he is looking out the window of "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and seeing himself in the "Nick of Time" episode.

The face of the gremlin absolutely has no woodburning whatsoever. It is entirely natural!! I planned the design in order to take advantage of this feature that I’d noticed in the wood before I even made the piece. I had to scrap a little bit extra wood so that it would appear in just the right place, but I felt it was almost destined to be so I made it happen.

I hid many many images. Some major ones:

  • Shatner and EEM in the fur of the Gremlin.
  • EEM on the Machine and in the napkins.
  • Devil head on the back of Shatner on "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".
  • A rabbit because I saw a rabbit giving birth on the side of my house while I was burning this piece.
  • Many others.