A Game of Pool by Ed Montalvo


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The first Twilight Zone piece I ever made was A Game of Pool. I waited a long time to make this piece after I conceived it, because I wanted it to be my 156th piece of art since there were 156 Twilight Zone episodes. I chose A Game of Pool as the subject for many reasons...

  • I’m an excellent pool player--I have a good eye
  • Jack Klugman is one of my favorite actors and Jonathan Winters is another.
  • The story is set in Chicago, and I grew up in Chicago with Tim Winters as my next-door neighbor.
  • Growing up in the only Hispanic family in my neighborhood, I always had to strive to be the best just to be treated as an equal. This is very similar to the Jesse Cardiff character.

Finally, I selected that particular scene of Jesse waving off Fats's offer to let him out of the bet because I thought it was the moment of truth for Jesse. Of note, I added some personal touches to the piece:

  • Chicago is one of the 4 background pictures.
  • One of the other pictures is of my piece #97 Chac Mool.
  • I hid an RS under the right arm of Jonathan Winters.
  • I added a hidden 4-1 on Jonathan as well. On 11/11/11 I took my daughter to a Chicago Blackhawks game. On the way to the game, I told her it would end with a 4-1 win. With 2 minutes remaining, the Blackhawks were leading 2-0 and my daughter doubted my prediction, but there were 3 late goals and it ended 4-1. This happened during the time I was working on this piece and was a TZ experience, so I added it.